Cookware Buying Guide

Buying cookware can be a daunting task and cookware can be an expensive investment. But don’t think the most expensive cookware sets are best. Here are some things to consider before you go shopping.

1. The key elements
What Are You Cooking?
How Will You Use The Cookware?
How Do You Care For Your Kitchen Gear?
What Type Of Stove Or Cooktop Will You Use?
Who Are You Cooking For?

2. The Essentials
These are the pots and pans everyone should have in their kitchen. They’ll handle a huge array of cooking needs.
Frying Pan; best for cooking omelets, chicken breasts, burgers…
Sauté Pan; best for cooking chopped veggies, cubed chicken or beef…
Saucepan; best for cooking sauces, of course; cereal grains…

3. Material Types
Stainless Steel
Pros: Easy to clean, non-reactive
Cons: Poor heat conductivity

Carbon Steel
Pros: Quick heating, durable
Cons: prone to rust

Pros: fair conductivity
Cons: prone to rust

Pros: lightweight, highly conductive, inexpensive
Cons: reacts to acidic, alkaline

Cast Aluminum
Pros: thick construction, retains heat well
Cons: reacts to acidic and sulfuric foods

Pros: Highly conductive
Cons: high maintenance care

Pros: easy to clean
Cons: not dishwasher safe

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