We offer everything from classic sauté pans and stock pots to specialty items like tagines and paella pans from leading brands including Mauviel, SKK, Le Creuset, Staub and Cristel. We even provide an in-store copper retinning service for your copper pots and pans. More »


You will find everything from decanters to cheese plates and tea and coffee accessories as well as top brands such as Riedel glasses and Peugeot salt and pepper mills. More »


We offer the finest brands including Nordic Ware, Silverwood, Mermaid, Emile Henry, Le Creuset, Gobel, Tala, Bakers Pride and Kaiser. More »


You will find sieves, strainers and sifters in every size and style imaginable so you have the tools you need no matter what you are cooking. You will even find spice racks, wine racks and trolleys to complete the look. More »


You will find leading brands such as Global, Henckels, K Sabatier, Opinel and Robert Welch as well as carving and chopping boards and knife blocks and storage units to keep your knives sharp, safe and close to hand. We even provide a knife sharpening service in store. More »


Whether you are looking for a mezzaluna, a mandoline or mixing bowls, you will find it at The Ultimate Cookshop. We understand that the right tool makes cooking easier and more fun so we stock an impressive range of sturdy and dependable tools designed for every kitchen task. More »



Gefu Kitchen Brush

This kitchen brush from Gefu is great for a multitude of tasks from glazing cakes to marinating meat. The nylon bristles are hygienic, easy to clean and dont absorb any flavours or odours. The curved handle helps to elevate the

Gefu Spaetzle Planer with Dough Slider

Spaetzle or Sptzle is a type of egg noodle most commonly found in German and Austrian cuisine. The dough typically consists of just egg, flour and salt and is then passed through a spaetzle planer in order to create the

Gefu Tenderiser

Tenderising has never looked so stylish. Also suitable for aerating dough for a better rise when baking.

Gefu Professional Food Ring & Pusher Set

Get creative this Christmas by adding a degree of sophistication and decorative flair to your dishes and desserts. Having selected your ingredients, use the desired food ring to hold them firmly in place and then simply lift off to reveal

Gefu Spiral Julienne Cutter

As simple as sharpening a pencil, this spiral cutter will conjure up endless julienne strips of carrot, radish, cucumber or other firm vegetables to add a novel twist to your starters, salads and stir-fries. Includes two cutting inserts for a

Gefu Asparagus Peeler with Finger Grip

The combination of its specially-designed ergonomic shape and high quality stainless steel blade make it easy for this peeler to glide through asparagus and baby carrots. The finger grip allows you to hold the peeler securely in place while the

Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Cutter

Simple and safe to use, the Gefu Spiral Cutter Spiralfix turns vegetables effortlessly into spiral strips. Open the lid, pop in your veggies, turn the handle and youre good to go. Using the adjusting wheel you can set the Spiralfix

Gefu Pancake and Spaetzle Mixer

This shaker bottle from Gefu is specially designed to help you make your pancake or Spaetzle mix. With the ingredients and quantities helpfully listed on each side of the bottle simply add them one by one, insert the unique twister

Gefu Universal Cutter

This stainless steel universal cutter is the most versatile tool you can add to your collection. Ideal for cutting fresh herbs, it is also great at slicing cooked meats and cheese and even makes a great pasta cutter.Ideal for cheese,

Gefu Pasta Dryer

This practical pasta dryer from Gefu has 6 arms which are ideal to hang your homemade spaghetti and other pasta from. Each arm is removable so you can hang your pasta straight from the machine as well as taking it

Gefu Egg Pricker & Timer

A handy fusion of egg pricker and timer, now you can be assured that your eggs will be perfectly boiled. The sharp spike easily pierces the egg shell to prevent cracking during boiling and the adjustable timer will count down

Gefu Meat & Oven Thermometer

Take the guesswork out of cooking a roast with this thermometer. Suitable for both roasts and as a standard oven thermometer it has a large dial making it easy to read and a durable stainless steel finish. The meat temperature

Gefu Multi-Shaker

The multi-shaker from Gefu is right at the top of our list of the ultimate cooks tools. The detailed scale allows for quick and easy measuring which makes it perfect for preparing marinades, sauces and dressings. Not only does the

Gefu Adjustable Cake Ring – Large

An essential item for the keen baker, these cake rings have an adjustable diameter which allows you to finely adjust the size of your cake or tart according to your recipe or how creative youre feeling on the day. Made

Gefu Adjustable Cake Ring – Extra Large

An essential item for the keen baker, these cake rings have an adjustable diameter which allows you to finely adjust the size of your cake or tart according to your recipe or how creative youre feeling on the day. Made